Do Likes Expire on Tinder? (Tested & Solved)

do likes expire on tinder

Usually, it’s a No, but likes on Tinder may expire due to several factors. Tinder is a widely famous dating app. You can meet new people there. They employ a swiping card stack method that keeps users interested in the platform. From that method, you can find a dating partner with Tinder. Tinder offers premium services as well as free services. You can begin conversing on Tinder once it matches someone for you. However, some people discover that users from their match list unexpectedly disappear. So, by reading this article you’ll find the answer to the question “Do likes expire on Tinder?”

What Are Tinder Likes and How Do They Work?

On Tinder, a “like” only has one side. You can “like” a person if you like to start a relationship with him or if you like to get to know him. 

And when you “swipe right” on the person’s profile, the “like” button becomes active. You will only know whether they like you if you’ve previously liked them. Tinder (free service) won’t reveal who is interested in you before you like their profile.

You will see the notification “It’s a match!” right away if they swiped right on you too. If you both swipe right, you can start a conversation.

Above mentioned is a Regular Like. There are two more types of likes on Tinder;

  1. Super Like

When a Like isn’t enough, tap the blue star icon on someone’s profile to give a Super Like.

  1. Premier Like

Priority Likes, a feature available only to Tinder Platinum subscribers, ensures that potential matches will see your Likes and Super Likes before those of non-subscribers.

Do Likes Expire on Tinder After a Certain Amount of Time?

No. Usually, the Likes on Tinder Don’t Expire Easily

Over time, they can be buried beneath more recent likes and lose visibility. It looks clear that Tinder uses a technique for this because it sets the cards of people who liked you recently to the top of the beneficiary’s deck. Nothing will happen to the likes if the person hasn’t seen your profile yet. You might need to wait for a few days or perhaps a long time for that person to view your profile.

The answer to the question” Do likes expire on Tinder after a certain amount of time” will change to “YES” on the following factors.

When the person you liked,

  • Unpaired with you, (Swipe Left)
  • Deactivated their Tinder account


  • Deleted their Tinder account,

Tinder likes expire. The like gets transferred from your section of likes to their section of likes. One hundred profiles can be liked each day. Every 24 hours, paid Tinder (Premium) likes are refreshed.

The likes may gone from the recent list after 24 hours and after 7 days on Tinder Premium feature. Remember thoroughly, that like on Tinder do not expire after 24 hours, but they will move out from the recent list. They use this as an option to make new suggestions to you and to motivate you to check on your profile. So, make sure to check your section more often and try to be more active on the platform.

Can You Still See Expired Likes on Tinder?

On Tinder, expired likes are hidden. If someone doesn’t re-like you, your previous like vanishes from their list of matches after it has expired. If you upgrade to Tinder Gold, even if you haven’t yet swiped on their profiles, you can view a list of people who’ve liked you.

A grid displaying their primary profile picture should be shown here, along with a gold heart letting you know the number of people who have liked you. Make your way across this grid checking all the profiles.

How to Keep Track of Your Likes on Tinder?

Follow the below tips to keep track of your likes on Tinder

  1. Make use of the “Liked” Section: On the home screen, touch on the “Likes” symbol at the top to open this part.
  2. Make a Personal List: Using a spreadsheet or another note-taking program, you can create a list of the people you prefer.
  3. Utilize a Third-Party App: You may keep records of your likes by using third-party software, such as LikeAlyzer, which is accessible. You can use it to examine your matching data and gain insights to make your matches better.
  4. Be Strict: When like profiles on Tinder, it’s always a smart option to be selective. Spend some time going through each profile’s bio and checking if they have comparable interests before you swipe right on every one of them.

How to Keep Track of Your Likes on Tinder

Your possibility of finding a suitable mate will rise as a result. You will have a higher chance of discovering a committed relationship or a one-night stand by remaining structured and picky.

Tips to Increase Your Likelihood of Getting a Match on Tinder

  1. Choose a unique profile photo. A profile image must be attractive and clear to catch the interest of possible profiles and minds of people.
  2. Create an engaging bio. Describe your hobbies, interests, and personality in your bio.

Keep your bio brief and to the point.

  1. Continue to swipe right. It’s critical to use the app frequently and swipe right more frequently to improve your chances of finding a match.
  2. Make jokes. A clever, humorous start can make a good first impression.
  3. Avoid using clichés. Stay away from clichéd and overused language in your profile. There are a few. It’s the same as the one I’m in. The same as the one I’m in the midst of the same.
  4. Take part in exciting conversations. It’s crucial to strike up a meaningful conversation with your match.
  5. Take your time. Before making any decisions, spend some time and get to understand the individual better.

How to Make the Most of Your Matches on Tinder?

  1. Don’t lie about who you are on your profile. Sincerity is essential for creating long-lasting relationships, so upload your own photos and write a real bio.
  2. Check the app frequently, and reply to those who like you.  By giving amusing personal stories and asking questions, you may keep the conversation continuing.
  3. When it comes to the people you find attractive, be selective rather than attempting to match with anyone.
  4. Be careful of your protection and be educated about the essentials of internet dating. For instance, meet in public settings and refrain from disclosing private information.

By following the above tips you will be able to make the most of your matches.

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