Do I Need Citrix Online Launcher? [Pros and Cons Included]

Do I need a Citrix online launcher

The Citrix online launcher allows you to customize users’ experience on android enterprise devices and android devices of the legacy by endpoint management. It can prevent users from having access to some device settings and creates a restriction on devices to certain apps or just one app. So, you ask this question yourself, do I need Citrix online launcher? We’ll help you determine.

What is Citrix Online Launcher? 

Citrix online launcher is a popular program used by many in the United States, UK and Canada. This launcher acts as a background controller service. It runs automatically in the background. The Citrix system develops this program. The most commonly used version of the online Citrix launcher is 1.0.168. 

One can delay service using a service manager. The most prominent program that is executed through the Citrix launcher is iconpackageer.exe. The system provides networking, server virtualization, network virtualization, SaaS, Zen open-source products and cloud computing.

What is the Purpose of Citrix Online Launcher? 

The Citrix online launcher is a program that GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar use. It is essential for launching meetings and webinars. In case it gets uninstalled, one will have to reinstall it when they need to launch a meeting. And going to line products is not possible without the launcher.

This launcher is a pre-installed program in the devices. Citrix online launcher is unnecessary if you aren’t using GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting. In that case, you can uninstall it. 

Pros and Cons of Citrix Online Launcher

A Citrix online launcher has virtual apps previously known as the XenApp. This launcher is software that is used to virtualize applications. For example, an employee of a company can have mobile access to the host technological devices from any other location outside the company remotely. But this remote access to applications is restricted.

That means one can access only a limited set of software within the group. The main server hub in the headquarter gives remote access to apps.

Pros of Citrix Online Launcher

  • It is a fast software program that enables users efficient and compatible access to apps virtually and remotely.
  • The launcher is very easy to use. Once installed, you can have a user-friendly experience with the app.
  • One major prospect is that you can customize the app as you wish and according to the company’s needs and employee business role.
  • Compared to TSPlus, the Citrix online launcher lets you publish and access many apps securely.
  • It is useful and secure, providing access to virtual applications, device and Application support, Application packaging, high security to user access, and easy deployment.
  • It is a good return on investment, with role segregation and business community usage.

Cons of Citrix Online Launcher

  • When given access to a restricted number of apps or a single app, the single app can often restart, which can be frustrating.
  • The internal chat system is a drawback and distraction to using the app.
  • The Citrix online launcher provides embedded collaboration which is seen as a disadvantage.

Do I Need Citrix Online Launcher on my Computer?

Citrix online launcher is seen as client software designed by Citrix systems. So, suppose you are often involved in online meetings, seminars, presentations, audio conferencing or coaching and training using mobile or web-based control and administration.

In that case, the Citrix online launcher will be appropriate for your computer. The launcher is not essential on the computer unless you have a specific need that the Citrix online launcher should fulfill. If you are not using training, meetings, coaching or webinar sessions, you can uninstall the Citrix online launcher, which will be irrelevant to your PC.

The Citrix online launcher configuration policy can be used to control the features provided.

  1. By managing Android Enterprise and Legacy Android Devices, you callow specific access to the users. 
  2. Another feature is the ability to use the custom logo to set a customized image as the background image of the launcher.
  3. You can use the password feature for users to exit the launcher.

Can I Remove the Citrix Online Launcher from my Computer?

Yes, the Citrix online launcher can be removed. One can easily uninstall the Citrix online launcher. 

And removing the app from your PC depends on what operating system is used. So, when uninstalling, check the user manual provided for your operating system. For example, if the launcher must be uninstalled from a windows operating system. First, open the “programs and features” menu of the control panel. Next, right-click on the “Citrix online launcher” and click uninstall. There will be a dialogue box appearing. In that, click yes when you are prompted.

How do I Install Citrix Online Launcher? 

If you are a company allowing employees to work remotely, then Citrix is a software you may install. But the installation depends on the working environment and customization. It is easy and better to use chrome for the download, especially to install it into your PC at home.

Using the Citrix plug-in or the Citrix receiver can be a little messy. Start by opening chrome on your PC and now download the Citrix Workspace App. This consists of the Citrix receiver, which needs to be launched to publish the relevant Application. Use the following URL to download, and once done. There will be a web page with the download Citrix Workspace app. Here, click on download for windows if you use a windows operating system. And if you’re downloading for mac, it will have a mac option.

When you do that, you will be directed again to another blue page. On this page, click on the download windows workspace app for windows button. Now you can see the downloading signs at the bottom left of the computer screen. Once downloaded, you can install the app by clicking run. A user control account will appear, from which you will be asked permission to allow the Application to change the computer. Click yes for further installation.

Now the installer will be launched; click on start, displayed in the dialogue box, by ticking the boxes for license agreement. Now click next and install buttons consequently. Different computers take different time frames to install. Once complete, click on finish.

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