The Ultimate Guide to Converting Disc to Digital on Xbox One

convert disc to digital xbox one

Traditional game disc is the old-fashioned way to store game data. If you can convert it to a digital product, you will no longer face difficulties in carrying and sharing the game with your friends. When you want to use Xbox One, you may have this problem because it does not support this conversion. So today, we will break down how to convert discs to digital Xbox One, which is one of the mostly-searched guides by Xbox gamers.

Adhere to the below-mentioned procedure so you will no longer worry about physical game discs.

What is a Disc to Digital Conversion on Xbox One? 

Digital conversion of the disc on Xbox One means a traditional gaming disc is converted into a digital version. When you have a digital copy, there is no need for CD to run the game because it has been downloaded through the cloud. However, you cannot directly convert traditional discs to digital copies on Xbox One. But currently, Microsoft digital Xbox One system is allowed you to play games without a disc, so you do not need to purchase the disc version.

And when the Xbox One is free from the traditional disc slot, it is equivalent to the predecessor.

So why do you need to convert discs to digital copies? Because there are some benefits from this conversion, such as faster load times and the ability to easily share the same game with others. In addition, you will no longer bother to switch discs. Thus, it would be better to convert the game discs to digital copies on Xbox One.

Can I Convert Xbox One Disc Game to Digital Copies?

Xbox One has no feature to convert discs to digital copies. Therefore, you have to download the identical digital product and leave the traditional disc edition. There is no specific drive which supports converting disc-based content.

However, you can playback a file type of the game using a flash drive. From that method, DVD discs can be converted into a compatible format of Xbox One, like MP4. Because Xbox One is supported by the formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. First, you have to convert the disc to one of these file types. Secondly, you should move it to your flash drive. Then you are able to link the extracted file type to Xbox One since the file type has been digitalized.

In order to connect the devices, you will need a DVD ripper. It can help to convert discs to aforesaid formats. Since you use the DVD ripper, you do not need to worry about conversion speed and resolution. The speed and the resolution will be high for Xbox One playback.

Can I Convert Xbox One Disc Game to Digital Copies?

How to Convert Discs to Digital Xbox One?

Follow these instructions to convert the disc games into digital copies. Make sure to use a stable and speedy internet connection. Then you will be able to complete the conversion within a few minutes.

  1. First, the latest DVD ripper should be downloaded and installed on your pc or Mac.
  2. Next, insert your disc into the slot. It is necessary to import the disc, so the software should be run in order to choose a DVD. The DVD ripper will be able to detect your disc. It also can select the precious description.
  3. Tap on the account bar to select a format to export the disc. The format should be compatible with the Xbox One. MP4 would be better.
  4. Then click on the ‘Parameters’ button to enhance the quality of the file. Then the data rate, framerate, as well as other properties of video and audio will be changed.
  5. Choose the ‘Folder’ to store the encoded DVD.
  6. After that, you can tap on the ‘Convert’ button to convert the disc to digital copies. Wait a few seconds until the conversion is completed.
  7. When the disc is converted, you need to make a copy of extracted file type to your flash drive. Then it should be attached to the Xbox One.
  8. Now you can run the Blu-ray player in order to begin playing.

Conventional vs Virtual Xbox, which is Better?

Let’s compare and contrast the conventional and virtual Xbox.

If you are willing to use electronic Xbox games, you have to get the service from reliable internet retailers such as Microsoft Store. Therefore, you will have to have an active account on those retailers’ websites. And also, it is a must to have a fast broadband service in order to run the games digitally. However, digital copies of games are easy to store and share.

When it comes to the physical discs, The disc is loaded on the storage of Xbox One when you use them. And obviously, you have to insert the physical disc each time when you want to play. But it is not necessary to have a fast broadband service because the games can be installed from the disc without delay. And the rates of the physical disc are less than the virtual ones. Therefore, some people still tend to use the physical disc on Xbox One.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Converting Xbox One Game Discs to Digital Copies? 


  • Digital versions of games are easier to handle and store than traditional game discs. And they can be conveniently shared with other gamers as well. You do not need to use a CD each time.
  • The loading time of digital copies is faster if you have a strong internet connection, so you do not need to wait for a long time. And there are fewer interruptions.


  • If you convert the discs to digital copies on Xbox One, there is a chance to lose their resale value of it.
  • When you run digital versions on Xbox One, you will need a reliable and strong internet connection.

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Xbox One does not come with a feature to convert physical discs to digital copies. However, you can transfer the disc by downloading the DVD ripper and a flash drive. It takes only a few minutes if you have a strong internet connection; thus, adhere to the method discussed above. There are some advantages as well as drawbacks of this conversion.

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