Can you Use One Peloton Subscription on Multiple Bikes? Tips!

can you use one peloton subscription on multiple bikes

Peloton always tries to improve its customers’ experience using standards. Peloton subscriptions are such ways to provide a better service. However, Peloton subscriptions are somewhat pricy, just like their equipment. If you are about to get the Peloton subscription, you might be wondering whether it is possible to share the same subscription with several bikes.

Can you use one Peloton subscription on multiple bikes? Yes, you can! Today, we will be discussing all the important factors you should know regarding Peloton subscription in this blog post, so keep scrolling.

How does Peloton’s Subscription Work? 

When you purchase a Peloton bike or treadmill, you should subscribe to its membership as a general rule. There are two memberships as standard Peloton app membership and All-Access membership.

After you have the subscription to the Peloton app, you can access live as well as on-demand sessions. This application is a streaming platform that shows videos.

If you have All-Access membership, you are able to unlock the smart features of the bike, such as performance metrics.

It is really important because you can find out how much you have improved. Moreover, you can interact with your friends through All-Access membership.

In addition, you are able to stream videos on multiple devices at once. But All-Access membership is pricier than the app’s subscription. This membership is available on Peloton bike, tread, row and guide products.

To keep the features activated, you need to pay the monthly subscription fee. Whenever you do not need these memberships, you can cancel them.

Can you Use One Peloton Subscription on Multiple Bikes? 

Yes, it is possible to share a Peloton subscription in two ways. You are allowed to use the profile for another bike. Thus, you are able to use a Peloton bike that exists in another location, such as a hotel and gym using your own subscription. And when you purchase a new Peloton bike, you can use the same account to continue the subscription. But if you want to use two bikes at the same time, you will need two memberships.

Or else, you can create multiple profiles for your bike. It is possible to create up to 20 profiles on one bike that has All-Access membership.

Accordingly, your family members and anyone who share the same place with you are also capable of using the equipment and measuring their improvements.

Do not misunderstand that one bike can have only one Peloton account. But you can create 20 profiles for a single account. And if you have another kind of equipment, such as tread or row, you should get another subscription for it.

You cannot share the same subscription for two different pieces of equipment. And you are not allowed to link the membership between a Peloton Bike and a Bike+ at once.

If you only have standard Peloton app membership, you cannot share the subscription. It is compulsory to have All-Access membership if you want to get these benefits.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using One Peloton Subscription on Multiple Bikes 

You can clearly identify the benefits of sharing the subscription. You can use another Peloton bike using your own membership; you do not need to carry your own bike where you go. There is no need to pay for two subscriptions.

What’s more, your friends and family members are able to use your bike and check their performance using their own profiles.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using One Peloton Subscription on Multiple Bikes 

You can save money on another subscription, although you share the same bike. Since you are able to compare your fitness level with your family members, it will be a motivation too.

When it comes to the drawbacks, we can identify these common issues. One membership cannot be used at the same time, even though there are two bikes. And since the same bike is used by several persons, the bike can wear out quicker than it is meant. And it is not okay to share the details of your Peloton account with unknown people.

Is Sharing a Peloton Subscription Against the Terms of Service? 

According to Peloton’s membership terms, there is no issue with sharing the Peloton subscription, as we discussed above.

When you purchase a new bike, you can select the ‘In Use’ subscription to continue the old subscription. But you should continue your payments to keep the subscription activated. Then your old bike’s membership is automatically cancelled. If you get a new membership for the new bike, you need to pay for two subscriptions. So, make sure to cancel the old one via Peloton website. If there is anything new, you can find out them on Peloton’s official website.

What are the Consequences of Sharing a Peloton Subscription? 

You need to be aware of the relevant terms and conditions before sharing your Peloton subscription. There are two memberships, as we discussed above, and the company considers only one person as a member.

You can share the same bike within your residence, according to the company’s official information. And you are only able to create 20 user profiles for one bike.

If you make changes to the membership that are not compatible with the company’s terms, your membership can be terminated, although you have paid the monthly subscription fee.

The company has the authority to decide whether you can have the membership again or not. If you were the culprit for a serious issue, probably your account will be banned. Thus, always follow the company’s rules and regulations to avoid such situations.

If I Purchase a Second Peloton Bike, Do I Need Another Subscription?

It is up to you to choose whether you are going for a new subscription or using the same one for the second bike.

If you want to use the old one, you can continue it. But remember that you are not able to use the subscription of the old bike again since the connection is cancelled. Thus, in case you want to use both bikes, it would be better to get a new subscription. Then, another person can use your old bike although you use the new bike at the moment. Anyways, having another subscription plan is not compulsory for your second bike.

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