AirPod Pro High-pitched Noise – Here’s the Solution!

airpod pro high pitched noise

The entertainment industry is one of the most technically influenced industries in the modern century. Thus addition, Apple designed and released a pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones on 30th October 2019. However, the public impressions of the product have gradually decreased, with many complications appearing after a few months of use. Thus one of those complaints includes the Air pod pro-high-pitched noise, which highly resembles the screeching of a broad-winged hawk. However, only a few users required such a noise on their air pods which takes us to today’s article in which we will discuss the possible reasons for such a noise and its solutions.

What Causes the High-Pitched Noise in Air Pods Pro?

There can be many reasons for your air pods to be making a screeching noise like a night owl out of the blue. Thus in this segment, we will talk about some of the reasons that might be causing this annoying noise.

  • There might be connection issues with your apple air pods and iPhone, making an awful noise in your ear.
  • If you have yet to clean the air pods since you purchased them, there is a huge chance that the uncleanliness and the accumulated dust and debris are the main reason for the noise.
  • You might notice the appearance of the sound if you have connected the air pods pro to many Bluetooth devices at the same time while they all are near each other.
  • Moreover, the predominant reason for the noise is the noise cancellation features and automatic ear detection. Thus these modes could also create complications in the air pods.
  • Moreover, the black mesh around the main speaker might be loosened up or tightened by accident, which will also make a noise.

Is AirPods Pro High-Pitched Noise Normal?

An air pod is supposed to deliver the best sounds and music the user wants. Thus the screeching high pitch noise is not something on the regular agenda of an air pod. Apple never added a new soundtrack to their air pods.

Therefore this high-pitch noise is not normal for the air pods. However though it is abnormal, there have been frequent complaints of this high pitch noise.

How to Identify if Your Air Pods Pro Has a High-Pitched Noise Issue

How to Identify if Your AirPods Pro Has a High-Pitched Noise Issue?

Identifying the high-pitch noise issue is vital for the user to make sure that the user has enough time to make the necessary repairing. Thus to identify the noise, we do not need to demonstrate the noise, as this high pitch noise will not be familiar to you to the music you generally listen to.

This noise often comes when no audio is paired with the air pods. Thus it will be easier to identify the noise.

If you get an output even when there is no audio paired with an awful high pitch noise, that is it: the high pitch noise of the faulty air pod.

Moreover, this noise nearly resonates with a kettle’s sound when the water is boiling. Thus make sure to pay attention to the noise.

How to Fix AirPods Making Weird Noises?

As we mentioned in the beginning, in this article, we will be paying attention to the potential solutions that one could follow to solve this high-pitch nose issue. Thus in this section, we will see the possible solutions available in the market.

Deactivate the Noise Control and the Ear Detection

Deactivating these features will make the high pitch noise disappear; then, after the disappearance, you could also activate the modes back on.

Here is how you can deactivate the modes,

  1. Connect your air pods to the iPhone
  2. Open the settings on your iPhone
  3. Click the “Bluetooth” option.
  4. Then you will find “my devices,” under which you will find an icon that resembles the “i” next to the name of your air pods.
  5. Navigate to the “automatic ear detection” option, switch it off, and turn off the noise control option.

Reinstalling the Ear Tips

Reinstalling the ear tips is one of the easier solutions available. For this solution, remove the current ear tips; this could be done by simply pulling the ear tips out.

Then ensure you clean the ear tips using swift strokes of a cotton round. Then you can reinstall those cleaned ear tips again on the air pods.

Thus, the solutions we have explained above will give you some good news at the end of the day. However, if you still need to, consider contacting the Apple headquarters or the store.

Can the High-pitched Noise in My AirPods Cause Hearing Damage?

Just like a night out at a musical festival, blasting the eardrums to noisy music, the frequent usage and the hearing of the high pitch noise of the air pods won’t be any good for your ears.

Thus regular hearing of the high pitch noises will never help your hearing issues. Thus make sure you find a solution to this complication as soon as possible while being aware that listening to music or anything through the air pods at a higher volume for a long time throughout the day will make you a victim of hearing aids as well.

Thus ensure that you have limited the volume level to a moderate rate and the time to a maximum of one hour.

Will Apple Replace My Air Pods If they Continue to Make a High-pitched Noise?

The most straightforward answer to this question is: YES. Apple will replace the faulty air pods with a new one without pricing you.

However, the faulty air pods should go through their tests to ensure that they have an issue with them, and your air pods should be within the three-year warranty period for you to receive a brand new replacement. Thus, take the air pod as soon as possible to the Apple store.

How to Prevent Pitched Noise in AirPods Pro?

Prevention is always better than precaution. Thus, in the case of the air pods’ high-pitch noise, one can ensure you never have to face the issue once you purchase a new air pod. Hence why in this section, we are going to give you some tips and tricks on how to prevent such complications from happening.

  • Ensure that you clean the air pods weekly without letting dust and debris accumulate inside the air pods for a long time.
  • Avoid connecting more than one Bluetooth device to the air pods, as the more Bluetooth devices connected to the air pods, the more complication there will be.
  • Keep the ear tips clean.
  • Run a factory reset once in a while for better performance.
  • Avoid putting extreme pressure on the air pods as well.

In conclusion, the high-pitch noise issue is an issue to which we can easily find a solution and prevent it from happening. Thus make sure you follow our guidelines accurately and experience an amazing ride of music through your air pods.

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