AirPod Pro Fall Out When Working Out – Is it Ok?

airpod pro fall out when working out

On morning walks and during gym hours, many people use AirPods as easy access to their mobiles, and the gadget has made the convenience of handling calls, messages, and reminders without being worried about holding the phone in your pockets. But some have come up with the issue of AirPod Pro fall out when working out. This is a true headache, and everyone urges for a solution. Should we replace it, or is it a device fault that you should claim? We are going to explain the answer in this article. 

Does AirPod Pro Fall Out When Sweating?

AirPods are designed to fit perfectly to your ears, and it is clearly mentioned on Apple’s official website that AirPods Pro is manufactured with water and sweat-resisting quality. Water resistance is not relevant if you do underwater activities. 

But if you have excessive sweating, there is a chance of dropping your earbuds. When you engage in a physical activity that makes you sweat more and move your head widely, the connection will be loosened, and your earbuds will be displaced.

Therefore, if you are going to participate in an activity that needs much energy or running, we recommend following a guide to fix your AirPods tightly. 

You can follow some simple tricks to keep them in the exact place of your ear. We will be discussing those in detail later in this article. 

Is it OK to Workout with AirPods Pro? 

AirPods Pro’s sound technology is an iconic feature that makes it the most suitable for an outside walk or jogging in a busy park or a street. But sometimes you will wonder whether it is a good idea to wear AirPods in your exercise routines.

The answer is a simple “Yes.” The manufacturer has clearly mentioned in their support guide that AirPods Pro has water resistance and sweat resistance quality. They also have raised the fact that water resistance quality is not applicable to water sports or underwater activities. 

When handling, you must keep the device away from contact with things like soap, liquids, oils, perfumes, chemicals, body creams, and sunscreens you apply. This is to prevent damage to the sealing in the AirPods.

If you accidentally make contact with these items, you must clean them ASAP. For the cleaning, you can use a clean, slightly wet cloth. Then take another clean, dry cloth and wipe off the water and make it dry. Please stay until your AirPods get completely dry because using those in wet conditions is unsafe. 

Does AirPod Pro Fall Out When Working Out?

Due to the design and the technology used, there is less chance of mismatching an AirPods Pro with the ear opening of any person. But there may be a few incidents where the size of the AirPod Pro is larger or smaller than one’s ear. In this physical issue, you may find the AirPods do not fit well and sometimes may fall out when you engage in an intense workout. 

AirPod Pro is an Apple device with the latest water and sweat resistance techniques. The designers have taken measures to avoid the slipping that may occur due to sweating. But still, there may be some with excessive sweating that is powerful enough to make the AirPods slip away. 

If you engage in an exercise that engages your head in rapid movements, there will be a loosening in connection with the ear. 

With time, the protective membrane or seal may wear out due to regular contact with sweat and other unhealthier substances mentioned above. Apple Inc. also admits that water and sweat resistance qualities are not permanent features.

This wearing may speed up if you charge your AirPods in wet condition. It is highly advised to keep the AirPods dry always. If it is contaminated with sweat, you must wipe it off and let it dry completely. 

Do AirPods Fall Out If they are too Big or Small?

Sometimes the ear opening of a user may not match the device’s size. It may be small, or it may be larger than the ear canal opening. In such cases, there is a chance of unknowingly dropping the earplugs on the grounds.  

Ear tips introduced with the AirPod Pro are an excellent accessory for adjusting the device’s width. Those come in four different sizes XS, S, M, and L. You will get all these sizes for free, and the default ear tip will be the medium size. And, you can select the matching pair for you and use it when there is a size difference with your ear.

You will see the size mentioned in the inner wall at the base when you open the rolled part. Before you go for a workout session wearing the AirPods, it would be better if you check the fitting.

Do AirPods Fall Out If they are too Big or Small?

How to Keep AirPods from Falling When Running?

If you face the trouble of failing AirPods often, have you checked the correct way of wearing those? If not, try it out this way. First, clean your AirPods with a clean damp cloth and dry them completely.

This is to increase the griping. Make sure you do not introduce more water to the interior, as it may end in irreversible damage. Press the earbuds towards the ear canal and parallel to your face.

Now you have to rotate it until you find the best fitting position. Some people tend to place the AirPods in an upside-down position as the best-fitting placement. 

If the medium ear tip on the AirPods is not enough or too big for you, you can try any other size that you get along with the product. 


A loose AirPod is an issue that you need to take a precaution soon as there is a probability of dropping your device nowhere and missing it. Incorrect positioning, wrong ear tip, and wearing with the usage are some reasons for the issue.

Refer to this article to learn the pro tips to make your AirPods fix tightly, even when you are engaged in intense workouts or running. 

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